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What you get with the BD PureWick™ System

The PureWick™ System comes discreetly delivered to your door with 30 PureWick™ Female External Catheters and the  PureWick™ Urine Collection System. 



The PureWick™ Female External Catheter: Made of soft, flexible material with fabric that’s designed to help protect skin by drawing away urine.  The PureWick™’ Female External Catheter fits between the female labia and buttocks (gluteus).

The PureWick™ System pulls urine from the wick to a sealed collection canister through collection tubing. The PureWick™ System fits on most nightstands or small end tables.

The PureWick™ Urine Collection System includes the collection canister and tubing required to operate the PureWick™ System.  The collection canister comes with a lid and a privacy cover for discretion.

How to use the BD PureWick™ System

Click here to download the abbreviated Directions for Use.

 View this helpful video below on using the BD PureWickTM System.