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PureWick™ Female External Catheter

An innovative option to managing urinary incontinence

Until now, women with urinary incontinence have had invasive catheters or adult diapers and pads to help manage their incontinence.
The PureWick System  was created to provide women with a non-invasive option to manage their urinary incontinence.

The PureWick System pulls urine away from the PureWick  Female External Catheter to a sealed collection canister. It fits on a nightstand or small end table.


The History of the Purewick™ System

Over 2,000 hospitals and rehab facilities have used the PureWick™ Female External Catheter since 2016

The PureWick™ Female External Catheter has been available primarily for in-hospital treatment. The PureWick™ System is available for use at home without sacrificing any of the functionality that over 2,000 hospitals and rehab facilities have relied on since 2016.

Using the PureWick™ System at home means you get the same supplies hospitals use discreetly delivered to your door.

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History of the
PureWick™ System

In partnership with a retired Salk Institute scientist, Dr. Camille Newton and her husband developed the PureWick System in the pursuit of a better way to help manage female urinary incontinence. As a visiting physician, Dr. Newton saw caregivers struggle to keep their loved ones dry using traditional incontinence products like pads, diapers, and catheters.

On one particular home visit, Dr. Newton saw a caring husband’s efforts to keep his wife dry and comfortable. He crafted a makeshift urine collection system using PVC pipe and an old aquarium filter. It was crude, but it worked. His invention inspired Dr. Newton to create the PureWick Female External Catheter. She and her husband worked for years alongside the inventor to create the PureWick Female External Catheter.


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